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Saturday, July 30th, 2011 4:03 PM
A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song. (Chinese Proverb)

JAZZ AVIARY is a multimedia concert
in celebration of BIRDS --
and the universal music we share.
Conceived and performed by Susan Krebs
in collaboration with
the Soaring Sextet, some of LA's finest musicians,
Musical Direction by Rich Eames,
and Visual Projections by Marc Rosenthal.
Music, Poetry, Visual Projections, simple Ornithological Facts,
and Birdsong are threaded throughout the concert,
expressing the wonder and awe that birds arouse
as well as raising consciousness and awareness of
their beauty and preservation.
JAZZ AVIARY Review Excerpts
"In JAZZ AVIARY, Susan Krebs has created a rare and mesmerizing creative experience."  (Don Heckman/Int'l Review of Music)
"Krebs so skillfully invades the likes of "Baltimore Oriole", "Skylark", "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square", Lennon and McCarney's "Blackbird" and Abbey Lincoln's "Bird Alone" that the result is like a series of delicate yet masterfully constructed origami creatures."  (Christopher Louden/JAZZ TIMES)
 "Susan Krebs has nothing but fondness for our feathered friends - and expresses her joyous affection magnificently throughout this fascinating concept project...irresistable offerings from a formidable jazz artist...A lot of great jazz interpreters gather great songs together, but few do it as well and convincingly as Krebs. This is a treat for lovers of birds, jazz and music that makes the heart soar like "A Gaggle of Geese".  (Jonathan Widran/AMG)
"There's just love and joy and gratitude for the inspiration which motivated this full-throated song fest...Krebs' interpretive passion, intelligence, and love for the project can be heard throughout."  (Bob Gish/Jazz Improv Magazine)
"...a thoroughly unique show that is innovative, mind-stretching and simply beautiful!...This is an astounding production that must be experienced to be felt and understood. It is a multi-senses feast that you will long remember...Krebs and her amazing musicians created something of singular beauty."  (LA JAZZ SCENE)